Nieuw educatiecentrum voor volwassenen

A BRIEF REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF NRUDO VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE This report is intended to give a clear view on how the school in Nsanvu is doing. APPRECIATION Dear Henny and Annemieke, greetings from Uganda, particullary Nsanvu Village. We would like to thank you for the gift of our school. We are so grateful for your donations, we shall continue acknowledging your support in reports. This school is going and has started helping people to acquire knowledge, this will help in changing people’s lives through the skills acquired. UPDATES After the construction in 2020, the idear of marketing it was effected, and we started organizing different meetings with different people, especially people with technical knowledge regarding vocation training. We managed to get an interim committee to lead the group and it is doing well. In the subsquent meetings and interactions with such people, we were able to know how best we can handle and manage the school. We thank them for their time, talent and expertise they gave us to the work-based learning program, through their active participation in different meetings, through their dedication and continued support of the program, by giving s ideas, input and enthusiasm, these have been helpful and have assisted us in making valuable and informed decisions. Having acquired that knowledge, we started looking for trainers, who also advised us on how best an infant training centre should be managed. Having leveled the grounds on which we are to begin, we opted to start conducting village meetings to sensitize the community about the school and the good of vocational studies and this was done by professional personels. We conducted many meetings regarding this matter and they were fruitful. The school was officially opened in May, 2021, with two tuitors and five students. This low number of students is due to the pandemic which has affected us so much. PERIOD FOR THE COURSE It was agreed to conduct the training for six (6) months. In these six months we expect students to have acquired tailoring skills and some other humanities skills. After the period of six months, we shall send off students that will have finished the course. In the due course we want to want to introduce things like Bakery and hand craft. TUITION It was proposed that each student will pay Ugx 300,000 (three hundred thousand) tuition, plus Ugx 200,000 (two hundred thousand) for training materials for a period of six months. SEARCH FOR SPONSORSHIP As a committee we would like to increase on the number of students. One of the major challenges faced, some needy people in the community who would like to acquire vocation skills, cannot afford to pay for themselves. For this matter, we would like to request you to look for us some sponsors who able to support our target group (young mothers and girls dropped from school). These can be identified by the mobilising team and be helped. To support one student for the period of six months it needs the following. COST FOR TRAINING Tuition Ugx 300,000; Training materials Ugx 200,000; Total Ugx 500,000. It is our plan that when you next come to Nsanvu, we will have the first graduation of the pioneer stdents

REPORT ON THE MONEY BORROWED TO FR. MATTHIAS Dear Henny and Annemieke, you remember very well, you borrowed Ugx 6,000,000 to Fr. Matthias for construction of the school, as a committee, we would like to thank you for the support, without this loan we would not have taken off. Fr. Matthias has been paying back periodcally. He has now fully paid all the money and we have ben able to cater for the following items. Particulars Quantity Rate Amount Mobilization fee 3 people 100,000 300,000 Salary for May 2 people 300,000 600,000 Feeding for tuitors 2 months 200,000 400,000 Transport Allowance 5 people 50,000 250,000 Solar Pannel and instalation 1 550,000 550,000 Electricity installation 1,200,000 1,200,000 Sewing Machines 2 550,000 1,100,000 Drafting Tables 3 200,000 600,000 Chairs 10 35,000 350,000 Needles 2 boxes 30,000 60,000 Threads 10 boxes 3,000 30,000 scissors 5 10,000 50,000 Tape measures 10 2,000 20,000 Oil for Machines 1litter 25,000 25,000 Training Materials 30 metters 30,000 900,000 TOTAL 6,435,000 NOTE: 1. Mobilization involved, moving around the community and sensitizing the Public about the school, Procuring stickers that were sent to different places. 2. Electricity installation costed us a lot of money as shown above, because it involved buying of electric poles and wiring. MEMBERS OF THE INTERIM COMMITTEE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING NAME POSITION Mutabaazi Joseph Chairperson Mugagga Leo Mobilizer Nakitende Diana Trainer Sserunjogi Gyaviira Member Bahati Ndabihule Member Kaweesi Partrick Member Mrs. Katende Jane Trainer Prepared by; Mutabaazi Joseph Chairperson

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